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First Time RV Buyers Driving a Booming Market for RVs

Demand for new and used recreational vehicles is being driven by first time RV buyers across the
country. Recreational vehicle parks are reporting a dramatic increase in stays starting in May of 2020. RV dealers struggle to keep popular models in stock. What is driving this sudden surge of interest? As with so much these days, the answer is related to COVID-19. The pandemic is pushing the increases in RV demand in two ways.

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Storage units in Richland, Washington

Richland, Washington is a small town with a unique history. It had a population of just 300 in August, 1943, but saw that population explode as it became home to workers on the Manhattan Project. At the end of the war, 25,000 people called Richland, Washington home.

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Storage units in Boise, ID

Forbes labeled Boise the fastest growing city in the US, attracting a growing influx of people from California, Washington, and Oregon. It is no wonder it is also home to a large and growing number of storage unit facilities.

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Storage units in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is a safe and attractive suburb of Las Vegas in the southeast corner of Nevada. Unlike the city, Henderson is home to more residents than tourists. It has become a residential destination for Californians and others attracted to a lower cost of living, low crime, and pleasant weather.

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Storage units in Spanish Springs, Nevada

Spanish Springs, Nevada gets five stars in the Best Places to Live ratings. It has a rural feel, but is close to the action in nearby Reno. The town in in close proximity to world-class ski resorts around Lake Tahoe and outdoor recreation opportunities abound.

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Growing Demand For Self-Storage

Investing in self-storage real estate is a way to own a piece of a billion-dollar industry that just keeps growing—with no end in sight. Alreadyin the United States, we have seven square feet built for every American, totaling 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage nationwide.

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