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Boise’s Best-Loved Off-Road Trails

When we scout for new locations for LuxeLocker RV and boat storage campuses, we, of course, for locations that are most attractive to those who love the outdoor life. We didn’t have to look too hard to realize that Boise is one of the best locations for LuxeLocker.

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A Look At Self-Storage Growth Trends Now And Post-Pandemic

For many years, I have supported self-storage as a great way to invest your money. In my experience, it is a recession-resistant and often overlooked way to invest. Don’t just take my word for it. Recently, StorageMart — the eighth largest self-storage company — announced Bill Gates joined forces with them as an investor.

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Fun in the Sun? But Not for Storing Your RV!

The sun. A wonderful source of…well, fun. And destruction. The sun is a mixed blessing for RVers. For the RV, it’s mostly a negative. Parked in the sun on a 100-degree (F) day for one hour results in a dashboard temperature of 157 degrees. The upholstery is a bit luckier. It only reaches 123 degrees. The steering wheel: 127 and the cabin living quarters, 116.

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