Above is a current project in Glendale, AZ.

Invest in Storage Unit Developments with Luxelocker.

Historically producing returns of 14-23% IRR and 20-40% Cash on Cash.

Luxelocker has a full tested prototype, a design team, construction team and internal organization that can get these projects to the market more efficiently, cost effectively and prudently than any other development groups in the area because of the front end planning and existing experience the collective team brings to the table.

Projects are part of the Luxelocker Luxury Boat & RV trademarked storage brand that Ownership is in the process of building throughout the west. With current projects currently in construction in Boise, ID and Richland, WA one that recently finished in the Reno, NV area, and one at the permitting phase in Richland, WA, this Chandler project will be the sixth Luxelocker facility to be constructed since the company was launched in 2019.

ROI on Luxelocker Storage Investing

Since 2016, Luxelocker has sold over 490 storage units in Lake Havasu City, Spanish Springs, Henderson, Boise and Richland. These initial results are fueling the momentum to continue building this unique product in other markets that currently have an existing demand.

Luxelocker has developed proprietary technology that simplifies the process of purchasing a unit, and allows a convenient way for owners to sublease their unit(s) and have other amenities at their fingertips.

While the services and amenities of Luxelocker will evolve over time, we are excited to utilize the platform to market and sell this fantastic project.