Quick RV Cleaning Tips

Having an RV is a great way to explore the outdoors and have an adventure. But when it’s time to clean your RV, the task can be daunting. It might take hours and an array of cleaning products to get your RV looking its best. Fortunately, there are shortcuts to make the process easier and faster. In this article, we will explain how you can clean your RV quickly and efficiently so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life on the road.

Start with your RV’s interior

Regardless of how quickly you can clean your RV, it always seems like a big job until you get started. A clean interior is more critical than a clean exterior, as you will need to ensure that you have left the interior of your rig in good shape to avoid attracting roaches and other critters  – so you should start here. It’s not just sprucing up surfaces and furniture, but also includes the unenviable chore of waste disposal. Let’s get started.

Work top to bottom

Start by sweeping or vacuuming your space. Start at the top and work your way down to the floor. A canister vacuum cleaner is perfect for RVs as it sucks up dust, dirt, and sand and only takes up a small space.

Next, wipe down any surfaces including tables, countertops, windowsills, and floors. A mild detergent is all you need, but ensure you use products on your upholstery that won’t damage them. Wet wipes are a must-have, not just for the post-trip clean-up but also when you’re on the go and just need to spend a few minutes cleaning your home.

How you organize your storage in your RV will impact how much time and elbow grease you need when it comes to clearing out food and waste at the end of a trip. The fewer storage bins the better and hacks like food traps in your sinks and keeping a bin for shoes near the door will make cleaning a little easier. An air purifier will also help keep the interior’s ambiance more appealing!

Gray and Black Water Tank Disposal

Definitely, the most unpleasant aspect of RV life is disposing of the waste you generate while on the road. We do make this easy for you at LuxeLocker with dumpsters and a sewage dump station at every campus, but it still requires some work.

Your gray water tank and pipes will need to be cleaned, even if you’ve only been on a short trip. If not, bacteria will build up and gray water will quickly turn black. Instead of using bleach to clean pipes, many RVers recommend using bicarbonate of soda mixed with warm water and a dash of vinegar: it is not only more environmentally friendly but also smells better. Avoid unwanted build-up by using less soap and gels in the sink and shower..

To clean your black water tank, expect to drain it at least three times: the first time to drain the contents, the second time after filling and draining it with warm clean water, and the third time after adding detergents. To save time in cleaning your black tank, you could look at installing a black tank flush which will generally keep it cleaner. To save money, you could use your own detergent formula although there are an array of inexpensive products, which include organic options.

Let’s go outside: cleaning your exterior

Now it’s time to move outside. Start by getting rid of dust and grubs you’ve collected on your travels. Always start with the roof and work back to front. Give your RV a light hosing with a hose like the ones we have at our wash stations. Even if you think it’s quicker, never use a pressure washer that could damage your camper’s exterior and force water into crevices that should be kept dry.

All-purpose cleaner is all you need

Grab yourself a bucket of clean, lukewarm and a sponge or mitt. You’ll want to use product to clean your RV’s outside, but there’s no need to splash out on anything expensive. All-purpose and mild car wash cleaners are both just fine for giving the exterior of your RV a quick once-over. Good old soap and water will also do the trick.

Rinse off any soap residue with a hose and grab a microfiber cloth to dry the outside. Even if you won’t be waxing your RV on this occasion, it will still keep it looking shiny for the next time it leaves its storage locker.

LuxeLocker makes cleaning your RV easier

With wash stations, common water and hose bibs, sewage sump stations, and dumpsters, LuxeLocker puts all the amenities at your disposal to quickly and easily clean your RV. Come tour one of our many campuses to see our first-class facilities for yourself.