The Best Protection for Your RV Is Climate Controlled

Why should your big, rough, tough ATV, your boat, jet ski . . . your RV, even, enjoy the safety of a climate-controlled storage unit? Aren’t they made for the outdoors? Weather resistant, designed for rough roads, dust and pebbles, gravel shores, splintery moorings, sand storms, high winds. Why can’t you just park them, throw a tarp over, and walk away?

Well, you can . . . but you will see a significant decline in operation and longevity. RV life simplifies and focuses life, but there’s no escape from proper maintenance and storage, for your recreational toys or your foundation home.

So let’s answer the question:  why climate control?

Think about modern sport vehicles: computer-controlled, precisely engineered systems. RVs are all that, but also built for lightweight, maneuverability and, in general, temporary living. Boats and jet skis spend most of their lives in all kinds of water and weather; ATVs and motorcycles get bounced, inhale dust and spit out pebbles.

A thorough cleaning and climate-controlled storage extends the life and fun of your investment. Climate control reduces temperature fluctuations, damaging humidity and its opposite—extreme dryness—dust and pest invasions. It protects delicate electronics as well.

Leather, wood, and metal react negatively to mildew and rust in high humidity. But desert-dry air isn’t the answer. Then leather and wood cracks, flakes, and splits. “Just right” for so many vehicles and sports equipment means temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees and an average humidity of 55%. Now, you still need to clean the vehicle before storage, remove or put batteries on a trickle charge, and, if the storage is long-term, jacks to prevent tire distortion, the normal preparations for any vehicle.

Boats and Jet Skis

A climate-controlled environment is perfect for your boat. Luxelocker is even better for it. Boat storage companies frequently stack boats in racks, placed by a forklift, and you need to plan ahead to recover your vessel for use. (Not to mention the potential damage and dust production from forklifts.)

At Luxelocker, your boat is ready when you are (and so close to great waterways!) A boat’s fiberglass surface requires attention to maintain its condition. Even under a cover, your boat is subject to temperature and humidity extremes. We won’t even mention the upholstery.

ATVs and Quads

Repeated exposure to harsh weather with extremes of temperature and humidity is as damaging to ATVs as boats or RVs. Preparation for long-term storage is similar to that of RVs. After all, they have tires and engines and batteries. Climate-controlled environments do not eliminate the need for that preparation.

Camping gear, sports equipment

Here we are talking about fabrics, paint, fiberglass coatings, metals, leather, even wood. See above. Mold and mildew are especially likely in sleeping bags, tents, or any upholstery. Then consider rodents and insects. Rodents have seriously damaged cables and insects have also been known to damage wood, paper, and, by extension, fiberboard, particle board, and the like. Climate-controlled environments discourage such invasions.

At Luxelocker Luxury RV and Boat Storage, sign up for the Super Luxe unit to get not only climate-control  HVAC, but also sewer and water plumbing. The walls and door are fully insulated. Luxelocker has multiple western US locations primed for more fun than you can handle. Check us out!