7 Ways Storage Units Protect your RV

Having an RV-sized storage unit may look like a luxury, and we hear that a lot. But here are 7 ways RV storage units protect your RV, prolong its life and make the best financial sense in the long run.

Protecting your RV

Parking the RV in your back or side yard opens you up to all kinds of possible problems. Without a covered or enclosed space, your RV is subject to:

  • Weather

Weather — sun and extreme temperatures affect everything from the tires to the roof:

  • paint oxidation
  • pest invasion (mice! roaches!)
  • tire breakdown
  • rust and corrosion
  • mold and dust
  • water and sewer line damage
  • roof damage
  • storm damage
  • Insurance liability

Insurance liability for both your property and your RV. Storing the RV out in the open means higher risk of vandalism and theft. If children decide to play king of the mountain on your RV and fall, you could have a lawsuit on your hands.

  • Neighborhood HOA Regulations Violations

Neighborhood HOA regulations frequently restrict the parking of additional vehicles on your own property. The neighbors may also object to RV parking at your home.

  • Theft and Vandalism

That theft and vandalism element mentioned above? It’s more than “just” an insurance issue. The damage done in the commission of these crimes is expensive when it comes to replacement and repair.

  • City Parking Regulations Violations

City parking regulations and codes could result in fines if you park the RV on the street. Putting in a gravel or concrete pad will help save your landscaping, but it won’t help if the neighbor’s tree drops a branch on the RV.

  • Accidental Collisions

Street and driveway parking could mean accidental collisions by someone trying to maneuver around a stationary RV.

  • Home Security Risks

Your home’s security could be compromised. The absence of your RV lets everyone know you are out of town.

Yes, there are stopgap measures you can take, but none will have the security and accessibility of an RV storage facility like LuxeLocker.

Safety First with LuxeLocker

First, these facilities are designed for RV movement: wide accesses with plenty of turn radius built in, wash stations, and showers with bathrooms, as well as electrical outlets in units. Best of all, climate control. Having climate control prevents so many problems that will eventually cost you some dollars.

Second, you also have the choice of purchasing your unit, giving you access to a variety of benefits, including the ability to rent out your unit for additional income. Storage unit purchases are among the most recession-proof investments.

Third, the Luxelocker has 11 prime locations in the western US, all of them with terrific locations that give you access to fantastic recreation in the country or the city. Store your boat, ATV, dune buggy, trailer, all of your equipment where you can make the most use of it.

Choose the simplest, most secure option for your RV and equipment protection: Luxelocker.