Does your boat storage need climate control?

Owning a boat is one of man’s (and woman’s) greatest pleasures: pontoon boats, jet boats, ski boats, personal watercraft boats – no matter the kind of boat, any type of watercraft is a joy to own. When it comes to taking care of our favorite water toys, choosing the right kind of storage is paramount. It’s not just a question of ensuring that our boats are kept out of harm’s way from thieves or other boats, but also making sure that they’re not exposed to other potential sources of damage, like bad weather and infestations.

That’s why, if you love your boat, indoor storage is always the best solution. That said, not all indoor storage is equal. While all will protect your boat from direct weather damage like heavy rain and scorching sunlight, only a climate-controlled storage unit will protect it from unseen sources of damage.

Here are the additional benefits of storing your boat in a climate-controlled unit.

  1. Protection from extreme heat or extreme cold

Up and down the Western United States of America, environments change dramatically and so do temperatures. From scorching summers in Arizonas to freezing winters in Idaho, few places are truly safe from freak weather events that bring extreme temperatures.

Climate control in your storage unit gets rid of the nagging worry that your boat is being baked in extreme heat or frozen in extreme cold. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that the temperature inside your unit is at a constant 80 – 90 degrees, and your boat is safe from any heat or cold stress.

  1. Helps regulate humidity levels

    Just like temperate extremes, extreme changes in humidity are also to be avoided if you want your boat to last you through the seasons. A great benefit of climate-controlled storage is that the consistent temperature also leads to consistent levels of humidity. This helps keep your boat free from mold and mildew, protecting your furnishings and other nooks and crannies from unwanted moisture.

  2. Improve the quality of air circulating inside the unit

    Even in storage units as massive as LuxeLocker units, air can still stagnate – especially if your boat is locked up for a long period and stored with other objects.

    The more air circulates, the better the quality. Excellent ventilation is one of the keys to protecting your boat while in storage, especially for your boat’s electrics. If you’re not able to regularly pass by to air your storage unit, climate control could help you avoid any repairs from potential moisture damage.

  3. Keep dust at bay

    Dust is another source of damage that is often overlooked. Boats left for months, or even weeks in storage will naturally accumulate dust that will creep into every corner.

    To maximize their effectiveness, climate-controlled units are insulated, which keeps unwanted dust and debris from entering the unit while it’s closed. Moreover, insulated units also prevent mice, insects, and other critters from making their way in and wreaking havoc with your boat’s wiring and seating.

LuxeLocker’s Luxe units are insulated and come climate-control ready. For more information on availability and pricing for our Luxe units, call us today on 833-333-5893.