Why You Need RV Storage

Americans are still falling in love with RV living with RV sales continuing to grow in 2022 While new RV owners can’t wait to start planning trips, they will often put off thinking about how and where to store their new rig. RV storage may seem like an afterthought, but there are plenty of reasons to look at why it makes the best sense for you and your motorhome.

Below, we explore 4 reasons why you need RV storage:

  1. Keep Your RV in Great Condition

    No matter how large or small, your RV is a serious investment and one that you’ll want to take the best possible care of. Even if you only intend to use it ‘til the kids are older or ‘til you’ve ticked off your dream destinations from the bucket list, when the time comes to sell, you’ll want to get top dollar for it.

    Although RVs are built to travel, the outdoor elements will take their toll. Sun, wind and rain will all gradually erode your RV’s body and tires over time, and more so if you leave it stationary over days, weeks, or even months!

    Indoor RV storage is the best way to protect your RV’s condition while it’s off the road.

    LuxeLocker units are fully enclosed and come with the option of climate control to keep your unit at the perfect temperature for your RV all year round.

  2. Have Plenty of Space to Carry our Repairs and Maintenance

    RV maintenance is a must and repairs – no matter how well you care for your RV – are inevitable. Carrying them out can be easier or harder depending on where your vehicle is parked.

    If your RV is parked on your driveway, you might have to deal with overhanging trees and passing traffic – or even struggle just getting access to power for tools. Also, if your repairs involve oil or other fluid leaks, your pristine driveway could end up taking the brunt.

    It’s not just maintenance, but general cleaning that is more cumbersome to carry out. Can you hook up a power hose? Where will you dump your rubbish and your nasties? (Hopefully, you cleaned out your black water tank before you headed home).

    RV storage facilities provide access to these facilities.

    In the case of LuxeLocker, all campuses are fully equipped with wash stations, sewer dump stations, and dumpsters, and all storage units have electrical outlets and RV hookups. Moreover, you can give secure access to your unit to service professionals whenever you wish.

  3. Avoid Parking Fines and Headaches

    Not all vehicles are made equal, and neither are all parking rules and regulations. Finding a place to store your RV away from a storage facility takes detailed planning and research. Each county has its own parking regulations for RVs which stipulate where and how long you can park for (we’re talking hours or days at most) and closer to home, your homeowner’s agreement will determine whether you can even park in your own driveway or not.

    It’s not just the possibility of penalties and fines to consider, but also the practicality of whether you can physically get into the parking space. Parking a Class-A motorhome of fifth-wheel is not for the faint of heart, so having a place you can safely pull will keep the heart rate steady.

    RV Storage Facilities are specially designed to accommodate large motorhomes.

    LuxeLocker campuses and units are built specifically for the largest classes of motorhome on the market. Units measure up to a colossal 18’ x 60’ and all driving aisles are a minimum of 60’.

  4. Less Stress, More Fun

Above all, RV storage lets you enjoy RVing so much more. As well as taking the stress out of the care and maintenance of your motorhome, it’s the safest place for your rig to be.

At LuxeLocker, not only can you rely on security gating, CCTV, and 24×7 security, but also remote access to your unit’s exterior webcam to check on your unit any time day or night.