How to Choose the Best Storage for Your Boat

If an Englishman’s home is his castle, an American’s boat must be his chariot. We love our boats almost as much as we love our families (and more than we love our cars). We want them to stay around forever. This makes choosing the right boat storage solution critical.

When deciding how to choose the best storage for our boats, it’s important to take into account four key factors. Let’s take a look:

  1. How to protect my boat from the elements

    Protecting the life of your boat is fundamental for both your enjoyment and your investment.

    Boats are made for the water, but that’s not to say they were meant to sit on the water for weeks or months on end. Even in freshwater, which is less corrosive for your boat than salt water, boats’ bottoms can suffer from blistering, and worse still, freezing. These can cause extensive damage that’s expensive to fix.

    It’s not just calm waters that cause problems. Boats stored in marinas are also vulnerable to storm damage which can blow a hole right through your boat and your wallet.

  2. How to protect my boat from other boats (and people!)

    While boats moored in marinas are generally safe, accidents still happen. New and experienced boaters can run into trouble and end up unexpectedly up close and personal with your boat leading to unwanted dents, scratches, and breakages. Fuel spills are also not uncommon.

    Worse still, vandalism, or indeed theft, is something that boat owners need to seriously consider if thinking about storing their boat on the water, not to mention the corresponding insurance costs which could skyrocket.

  3. How to get fast access to my boat

    How often you use your boat will be one of the biggest factors to take into consideration when thinking about storage. If you’re lucky enough to boat year-round, the last thing you want is to have your boat tucked away in a boatel on a dry stack.

    Likewise, if you’re a fairweather boater who loves to head to the lake at the sight of sunny skies on a Saturday, fast access to your boat is paramount. You won’t want to miss any opportunity.

  4. How best to service and maintain my boat

    The amount of care your boat requires will depend on how often it’s used, how long it will be in storage, and how old it is. If your boat needs a little extra TLC, storing it in a place that has easy access to power, washing facilities, and of course, to the boat itself makes a ton of sense.

    While storing your boat at home is an option for some, many others won’t want their favorite toy competing for space with Timmy’s bike, Uncle Joe’s old armchair, and the collection of paint cans from last year’s renovations.

    Your boat deserves – and needs – its own space.

LuxeLocker Single Storage Units

LuxeLocker storage campuses and units are specially designed to provide the best features and amenities for luxury boat storage.

Our extra-large, fully-enclosed storage units offer climate control capabilities and 110v electric outlets, as well as high-security features including unit webcams, CCTV, keypad access, and security gates.

LuxeLocker customers have 24×7 access to their units, 365 days of the year, and the ability to provide service professionals access to their boats whenever they desire. Campuses also have extra-large drive aisles for easy maneuvering of boats and trucks.

LuxeLocker is located close to the best boating lakes in the Western United States with campuses in Lake Havasu, AZ, Henderson and Spanish Springs, NV, Richland, WA, and Boise, ID, with more campuses due to open in Arizona and New Mexico.