6 Essential Storage Tips

  1. Clean items before storing. Some items like bedding, utensils, furniture, that aren’t frequently used can invite bugs and mold into your storage unit. Left alone over time, this cause a major headaches and money for you in the long run.
  2. Pack well and securely. Things move during transport. Make sure you use bubble wrap and packing tape to secure your boxes. And be sure to use plastic cases for anything that mice may want to get into.
  3. Record what you pack and where. Any easy way to do this is to clearly label your boxes and then take a photo of the contents inside of that box so you also have a visual record.
  4. Disassemble furniture. This will help you fit the furniture into the storage unit more easily and will save space.
  5. Wrap fragile items. Be sure to individually wrap glass, plates, and any other fragile items. The small investment in bubble wrap and lots of tape will save you money in the future.
  6. Store and stack based on accessibility. Place items you will infrequently use in the back and items you plan to use often near the front. This will save you time when you go to look for items in the future. Also, be sure to stack based on weight and fragility; for example, place heavy sturdy items on the bottom and put lighter, more fragile items at the top.