Aquatic Invasive Species Rules in Lake Havasu City

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) threaten the public’s boating recreation and Arizona’s water and electrical infrastructure. It’s very important for every boat owner to understand what to do to prevent the spread of these invasive species. According the Arizona Game and Fish, “The spread of quagga mussels and other aquatic invasive species has far-reaching impacts, both financial and ecological, that can touch virtually every resident of the state.”

Lake Havasu is listed on Arizona Game and Fish Director’s list of bodies of water that is contaminated with an invasive species. Lake Havasu contains two invasive species: Golden Algae and Quagga Mussel.

Before leaving Lake Havasu, each boater must:

  1. Clean & dry. Rinse all mud, plants and mussels from your boat and equipment. Let your boat and equipment to dry fully before transporting.
  2. Remove plug and drain. Completely drain all water from bilge, live wells, ballast tanks and other compartments prior to transport. If applicable drain water from lower engine unit.

If watercraft was on listed waters for six or more consecutive days, you must complete the above steps, then additionally:

  1. Decontaminate and desiccate . Watercraft owners and transporters are responsible for having their boats and equipment decontaminated after removal from waterbody and prior to transport. Before launching to another waterbody or transporting to another state, you must also desiccate you boat and equipment for 18 consecutive days from November through April or 7 consecutive days from May through October.

For more information, you can visit Arizona Game and Fish.

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