Mice Prevention in Your Storage Unit

  1. Inspect Your Storage Unit for Rodents. Before you move in, inspect your storage unit to ensure there are no signs of rodents. Look for droppings or signs of gnawing on any materials. If you do see any signs of rodents in your storage unit, contact management immediately and request the removal before you move in.

  2. Use plastic containers. Mice love cardboard. And it’s very easy for them chew through to get at your valuables inside the cardboard. Store your belongings in plastic containers with sealed lids that lock in place.

  3. Don’t store food in your storage unit. It’s not a good idea to store food in your storage unit anyway but especially because it could invite mice inside. And the same goes for utensils and food containers; clean them thoroughly to eliminate any traces of food.

  4. Wrap furniture and mattresses in plastic and seal it shut. A worthwhile investment is plastic wrap that you can use to completely seal your mattresses and furniture. Be sure to cover all possible entrances—don’t leave any fabric exposed.

  5. Use scented deterrents. Mice dislike the smell of natural oils like lavender or peppermint. The most effective method is to soak a cotton ball in these oils place them in each corner of the storage unit.

  6. Visit and clean your storage unit often. Visit once per month to sweep dust and inspect the storage unit. The faster you identify signs of rodents, the less damage they will do.
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