Luxelocker’s RV Storage Checklist

If you have decided to move your motorhome to a warehouse, there are a few things you will want to do to prepare your car for a new home away from home. Follow these steps to make sure your motor home is in top condition and ready for storage.

  1. Clean all cabinets in your RV. Emptying RV cabinets with food and toiletries can prevent clutter and decay. It will also help prevent pests from building houses in your RV. Vacuum everywhere. Dirt, rubbish and other microscopic debris on the floor of your motorhome can cause pests, stains and odors. Vacuum all surfaces before storing the RV to reduce the risk of unwanted entry into the area.

  2. Wash the fridge in your RV. Food, such as leaks in your refrigerator, can lead to big mold problems and unpleasant odors if left in the summer while your caravan is in storage. Thorough scrubbing of your caravan’s refrigerator will ensure that it stays clean during storage.

  3. Prepare your RV plumbing system. When stored, water is the worst enemy of your motorhome – especially in winter. Make sure you get all the water from your tanks and fill them with antifreeze. For proper winterization, we recommend that your motor home be winterized by an automotive expert in your area. Cover your ties. The bikes are designed to damage open roads, but excessive exposure to sunlight can significantly reduce their life. Use wheel covers to keep RV tires in top condition when not in use.

  4. Cover your RV. Covering your motorhome with a high-quality motorhome cover will help keep the outside of your motorhome and also keep the internal temperature low, which helps prevent heat damage.
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