Five Vehicle Storage Recommendations

Once you know where to park your car, it’s time to prepare for storage. Here are 5 tips on how to ensure successful car storage from start to finish.

  1. Clean before storing. Why clean a car when you can only store it? It’s not like you take it at night in the city. Here’s the reason. Any dust, dirt or debris that gets on the top of your car when you store it can damage the paint and metal on the outside of your car. Don’t let that happen. Always wash and clean the work before storing. Do the same for the interior.

  2. Put the car in storage. As mentioned above, you don’t want dust or dirt to get in your car when it’s stored. However, you are not there to clean it every week as soon as you drop it. To keep your car clean, no matter how long it takes to store, invest in a quality car cover. Don’t have a place in your budget? Bed sheets will do a decent job.

  3. Do not tap the parking brake. They may have taught you to adjust the parking brake every time you park your car, but you have to do the exact opposite before storing the car for a long time. There is a risk that your brake pads and rotors will be damaged. If the brake pads and the rotor come into contact for a long time, they may come together. This can lead to serious safety issues when it’s time to drive your car again, and large sums of money to repair your rotors and brake pads. Use wheel stops to keep your car stable during storage. They are better for your car.

  4. Keep your car registered and keep your title in your home or a safety deposit box separate from your vehicle. There is nothing worse than deciding to sell your car and realizing that you cannot sell it legally because you do not have your title. Keep your title in a safe place where it will not be stolen, torn or forgotten.

  5. Take your car out to turn it on regularly. You don’t have to drive far. When you start the car, you can’t leave it idle in the storage unit, as this can lead to a life-threatening accumulation of carbon monoxide. If you do not want to drive, at least slide it out of the unit and allow a few minutes to charge the battery. There is nothing worse than preparing to remove the car and not restarting it because the battery is flat.
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