Boise’s Best-Loved Off-Road Trails

When we scout for new locations for LuxeLocker RV and boat storage campuses, we, of course, for locations that are most attractive to those who love the outdoor life. We didn’t have to look too hard to realize that Boise is one of the best locations for LuxeLocker. Not only does Idaho offer terrific RVing destinations and an abundance of lakes for boaters, but Boise also offers some of the best designated OVH (Off-Highway Vehicle) trails in the country, fantastic for ATV, dirt bike, and other toy enthusiasts.

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the best-loved OVH trails found in and around Boise, Idaho, and in easy reach from the LuxeLocker Boise storage campus.

Firstly, a quick note on OVH Trails. The majority of the trails around Boise are on BLM or in the National and State Forest System, meaning they are specifically designed for use by off-roaders in order to protect both the drivers and the environment. Avoiding fires, causing soil erosion and other damage to wildlife and habitats are the main reasons trails are created, as well as keeping hikers and other trail uses safe. Make sure you know the rules before you open the throttle – you could end up either causing unwanted damage or slapped with a heavy fine – or worse – both.

Many of the trails featured in this post are also published on the Alltrails website where you can also check out recent photos and reviews.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best-known and best-loved in Boise.

Six of Boise’s Best-Loved OVH Trails

The Danskin Mountain OVH Trail

One of the most impressive trails in the Boise area has to be the Danskin Mountain OHV Trail. It covers some 60,000 acres and 160 miles of trails. Trails rate between “moderate and difficult” with some very narrow, twisty sections, even for ATVs. Open from April thru January, ATVs and OHM (Off-Highway Motorcycles) are welcome to explore this mountainous and high-desert setting.
The trail is split into three sections and trailheads:
  1. Danskin #300 at Bender Creek Trailhead
  2. Danskin #400 at Willow Creek Trailhead
  3. Danskin #500 at Three Point Mountain Trailhead
Much of the terrain is open with trails crossing through shadeless scrubland, but there are more challenging sections the cut through forests and canyons. With so much to explore here, Danskin is a must for Boise-based ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts.

Rocky Canyon Road
Rocky Canyon Road, on the edge of Boise National Forest and just a 30-minute drive from the LuxeLocker campus, this 12-mile OHV Trail is perfect for all skill levels. The trail is mainly used from April until October, although in any “normal” year, it is given over one day in April to the runners of the
Race to Robie Creek grueling half-marathon!


Ridge to Rivers
Closer to Boise, Ridge to Rivers is another expansive project overseeing the care and management of 190 miles of trails in the picture-postcard setting of The Boise Foothills. The project’s mission is to connect neighborhoods with public lands, and people with the natural environment while protecting this unique environment.

There are five trails open to motorized-vehicles (ATVs, E-Bikes and OHMs):

8th Street Motorcyle Trail: 

also used by hikers and mountain bikers, describes this trail as only suitable for mountain bikers who are “lunatic sadists” due to it being a “loose, steep landslide from valley to ridge.” Only sounds like more fun for off-road drivers!

East Highland Valley Road – Route F: 

a short, unmaintained old road that goes from double- to singletrack in the later portions of the trail

Shaw Mountain Road – Route E: 

this route offers fantastic views both east and west. Just one route in the Lucky Peak area, it is most popular in the summer when it’s at its driest, but in spring and fall it comes alive with wildflowers making it popular for nature-lovers and birdwatchers. The trail splits at mile 6 with motorized vehicles making their way along their own bespoke trail away from mountain bikers.

Fermrite’s Patrol: 

Named after local Jim Femrite who patrolled the area on his bike until his retirement in 2010, this 3.5-mile trail is another steep, loose, and rutted trail rated as difficult, although sections have reportedly been flattened out in recent years. It’s particularly popular with dirtbike riders but used by mountain bikers too, so beware!

Lucky Peak Road – Trail #8: 

Depending on how you’re traveling, this shadeless dirt track can get hot in the summer months, so spring and fall are the best times to try this route. The full loop, which includes 600m of descent and 200m of ascent is around 12.5 miles long. The route also offers beautiful views across the forest and ridgetops.

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