What You Need to Know About RVing in Idaho

Have you ever thought about going from one hot spring to another? In Idaho, there are more hot springs than you could visit in one trip! What about seeing the aurora borealis here? Idaho is really is a gem of a place for RVing, in fact could could say the Gem State has everything; skiing, the famous Sun Valley, birds and butterflies, guest ranches, rafting or hiking; in fact it’s probably easier to list what you can’t do in here. Idaho welcomes RVers with incredible sights and numerous campsites, with amenities or without, on great expanses of public land. Wineries and breweries abound, along with museums and art galleries, historical sites, and dramatic mountains. Whether your RV has Idaho plates or you’re looking for ideas for your next trip, let’s take a look at what you need to know about RVing in Idaho.


Idaho’s national parks and monuments are legendary, containing archaeological sites, fossil beds, historic battlefields, trails of Lewis and Clark, and more than can be listed here. Seven national parks and 27 state parks expand the travel opportunities, which include ghost towns, geological wonders, and places for boating, hiking, climbing, camping.

Fees vary by park and campsite, according to available amenities and in- or out-of-state residence. Annual passes are also available. The state of Idaho maintains updated information, as does the National Park Service. Site reservations are also available.

A Motor Vehicle Entrance Fee of $7 is added to any other charge, and fees change according to the presence of hookups, showers, etc. The basic campsite is $14 to 24 per night for residents and $3 more for nonresidents. Sites with full hook-ups range from $28 to 32 plus the nonresident surcharge. With a wide variety of extras available, it is advisable to check the official websites for more specific fees.

Also check out Idaho Travel Tips for RVers for more information.


Would you believe that RV boondocking on public Idaho lands is actually encouraged? There are 8.4 million acres with 50 developed recreational areas. Where to start? An excellent introduction to Idaho RV camping will give you lists of camping locations and their amenities as well as specifics such as dumping locations. Idaho national forests cover 20.5 million acres and have somewhat more primitive sites than those with amenities. Getting away from it all never looked so beautiful.

Regulations for boondocking, (also referred to as dispersed camping or wild camping), may include a maximum of 14-day stays in one campsite, so check out the limits. You can find maps, guides and other useful information for Idaho boondocking at Idaho BLM, Idaho BLM Camping, Camping in SE Idaho, and Best Idaho Camping

City Parking

Boise, Meridian, and other Idaho cities have differing residential parking codes online, which can be a challenge to unearth. This is what we have been able to find about RV city parking in Boise and Meridian. 


Recreational vehicles cannot be parked in a residential driveway.

Storing vehicles, boats, motor homes and trailers on a residential street for more than 72 hours is prohibited.

Source: City of Boise


The parking of any idle vehicle or trailer on any property for more than seventy-two (72) hours, any part of which is located within thirty-five (35) feet of a public right-of-way, and which has affixed to it a vehicle sign is prohibited. 

Nor is full-time RV living legal in Meridian outside of an RV Park.

Source: MuniCode

Other ways of checking this information ahead of your journey are:

  1. Ask family or friends in the area,
  2. Check Homeowners Associations Sites
  3. Try Googling “[place name] parking trailer in residential area” 
  4. Check out General Guidelines for Parking while Living in an RV for state-specific hints for this topic.

RV Storage

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