Renting storage can buy you time

There are several times in life when a storage unit is especially practical; renovations, deaths in the family, expanding your business, for example. All of these occasions involve some degree of change and upheaval that can leave you feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, long- or short-term, the right storage facility can increase your options, buy you time, and ease your stress. 

In this blog post, we share a handful of examples of how. 

Remodeling and Renovating

Over time, our houses appear to shrink. They almost overflow with the accumulations created when raising a family and building a life. Families with a love of the outdoors can find their toys taking pride of place at home, prompting a rethink of how to rearrange the rest of the home – or even if a new home is called for! 

Thinking about a remodel, renovation or a move can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large property with a lot of valuable belongings.

Removing your furniture, appliances, and other large household items from the house at this time simplifies the work and preserves their condition. Some renovations absolutely require furniture removal for everyone’s safety—including that of the furniture. With an easy-to-access unit, with ample space, you also can move things in or out as needed.

Fortunately, some storage facilities will rent month-by-month to allow you flexibility should the renovation take more—or less—time than expected. 

A Death in the Family

When a family member passes away, having a storage unit creates a situation in which fewer decisions have to made at a difficult time. Perhaps you are waiting for the arrival of other family members or simply need more time and space to sort through the belongings or await the disposition of a will. A storage unit can buy you and your family time.

Temporary Absences

What if your company asks you to relocate but only for 6 months? Or the opportunity to live abroad or travel extensively appears. You could sublet or rent out your home, but perhaps not its contents and especially not the Chippendale dining room set that was your great-grandmother’s. When you return, you would like to have your belongings in the same condition as when you left.

A storage unit, especially one that is climate-controlled can be the answer to taking advantage of new opportunities while protecting your treasured furniture and expensive appliances.

Expanding Your Business.

That new skidsteer will increase the number or scope of contracts you can bid for. A larger horse trailer increases mobility and opportunity. What about that new dump truck? But which comes first, a new garage or the item that increases your profit? That new acquisition can last for years if well taken care of. Even if you plan to build a new garage or workshop in the future, leaving your new investment unprotected until then could only cost you money in repairs or maintenance. A storage unit can not only expand your business but also offer greater flexibility in planning for the future.

Luxelocker units are extra-large and specially designed to accommodate and protect large vehicles and other large items that need to be preserved in top-notch condition. Rental contracts are available for just one month, although, even if you’re anticipating a short-term rental, it’s wise to choose your facility with the same care as if you were beginning long-term use. As we all know, life has a way of interrupting the best-laid plans. Better to be prepared.

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