5 Fantastic OHV Trails near Reno for Toy Owners to Enjoy this Spring

With the arrival of spring and the changing of the clocks, toy owners of ATVs, 4x4s, and dirt bikes are keen to make the most of the longer days by heading out onto OHV trails and kicking up some dirt. As the home of over 48 million acres of BLM land encompassing desert canyons, open valleys, and more than 300 mountain ranges, Nevada is a toy owner’s paradise.

Some of the top OHV trails in Nevada are located within an hour’s drive from Reno and Spanish Springs. In this blog post we check out just 5 of the best:

  1. Hunter Lake Trail
    One of the most popular OHV trails in Nevada, Hunter Lake Trail is a 30-mile loop with a total elevation gain over some 3,500 feet, making it mostly inaccessible in winter. The route climbs up through the alpine forest of the Carson Range and high into the Sierras to give you stunning views down into the basin and over Reno. The ride is challenging and very rocky in places, which makes it most popular with jeep and 4×4 owners. The route takes you up to Big Meadow and Hunter Lake which once provided water to the local sawmills. Nowadays the lake is largely diminished but the meadow still makes for a magnificent spot to take a break, due to its sheer size and beauty.
  2. Jumbo Grade Trail
    Jumbo Grade is a 14-mile loop close to Reno that offers something for everyone. Mainly hard terrain with some sandy and rocky sections, the route is great for ATVs, 4x4s, and dirt bikes with beginners having access to motocross play and practice tracks. The trail, which is best enjoyed between May and October, passes old mines and mining camps before dropping down into Virginia City – a great place to stop for lunch if you’re making a day of it.
  3. Ophir Grade OHV Trail
    Ophir Grade OHV Trail is a 12-mile there-and-back route that is a favorite of new and experienced off-roaders alike. Overall, the terrain is easygoing but there are enough technical challenges for beginners to get to grips with and for seasoned drivers to enjoy. The trail intersects with Jumbo Grade Trail, but unlike its neighbor, is accessible all year round.
  4. Lagomarsino Petroglyphs
    Lagomarsino Petroglyphs is a 15-mile moderately-rated track best used from April until October. While the route passes through dramatic desert canyon and past grassy plains where off-roaders often spot wild horses grazing, the real prize comes at the end of the route; the 2000+ rock art panels etched scattered across the faces of basalt rock. This mysterious and mystical prehistoric site makes this one of the most other-worldly off-road routes in Nevada.
  5. Peavine Mountains
    Peavine OVH Road is a popular and easy off-road trail with fantastic scenery. The 19-mile out-and-back route is a dirt service road that keeps Reno as its backdrop as you climb the 900m to a scenic plateau. You may want to grab a buddy and mountain bike for this trip, as the exhilarating descent back down will be hard to resist.

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