How to choose a boat or RV storage facility

Boat storage or RV storage at a storage facility is a good alternative. In many cases, a boat storage facility might be more affordable than keeping it at a marina. An RV storage facility might be required if you can’t keep your vehicle at home. Homeowners associations and local ordinances often don’t allow you to park it in your driveway. Either way, if you are thinking of storing your boat or RV, here are some considerations.

Boat and RV Storage Offers Security

Safety and security are the top benefits for storing a boat or using RV storage facilities. An RV parked in a driveway can attract thieves or vandals. Similarly, many marinas lack adequate security. Storing an RV or boat at a storage facility puts it safely behind a high fence with gated access and often video surveillance. When considering security when storing your boat or RV, look for these features:

  • Personnel on site around the clock
  • Adequate fencing encircling the entire property that is in good condition and clear of brush
  • Controlled entrance and exit
  • Security cameras on the entrance and in the area when you will leave your boat or RV

Storing a Boat or RV Saves Space

A boat with a trailer can take up anywhere from 17’ to 40’ of driveway space—or more. A motorhome can run between 25 and 40 feet in length. You’ll have to navigate your car safely around them all the time. Putting a boat or RV in storage opens up your driveway. When considering storage facilities for boats and RVs, look for:

  • Easy turn-in access to the storage facility
  • Good clearance at the entrance with adequate width and no low-hanging wires or tree branches
  • Room to maneuver on the property, ideally, with the ability to pull in and head out without having to back into a space
  • Ability to accommodate the length of your boat and trailer or your RV

Boat Storage and  RV Storage is Often More Convenient

When you store a boat, you can keep it closer to where you use it. You can store an RV closer to freeways or on the way to favorite camping destinations. It may be easier to pull in and out of a storage facility entrance on a main road than in and out of your driveway on narrow neighborhood streets. If you are asking: Where is RV and boat storage near me, think also about convenience, costs, and accessibility of various locations. Finding a place for boat storage or to store an RV with 24/7 access lets you come and go on your schedule.

Other Amenities

If cost is not an overriding concern, luxury options and amenities can enhance your RV storage experience or make storing a boat a great experience.

  • Covered or enclosed storage costs more, but it protects your RV or boat from dirt, insects, and the elements. If you live in an area that sees extreme weather, storing your boat or RV can cut down on wear and tear, maintenance, and even accidents like a burst pipe in freezing weather or wind damage from a hurricane.
  • Insulated and heated units give your boat or RV in storage even more protection from the elements.
  • Roll up doors and easy access make retrieving and returning your RV or boat to storage.
  • An electrical outlet is a great convenience for keeping your boat or RV battery charged. Look for a 50 amp outlet, not regular household electrical outlets. Being able to trickle charge will extend the life of your battery while storing an RV or boat and prevents to annoyance of having to jump a dead battery before you can get going.
  • Having a sink and access to a bathroom and shower is a tremendous convenience in a place for storing your boat or RV. After a hot day on the water or days on the road camping, washing up or having a place to clean fish or rinse out cooler is preferable to bringing your grime home.

The benefits of boat storage and RV storage at storage facilities has so many advantages that it may not be just and alternative choice. Storing your boat or RV at a facility might be your first and best choice.