Storage units in Boise, ID

Forbes labeled Boise the fastest growing city in the US, attracting a growing influx of people from California, Washington, and Oregon. It is no wonder it is also home to a large and growing number of storage unit facilities.

Boise has a population of 229,000, a major airport and university. It is also the state capitol. It all makes the town vibrant and attractive. Boise has been called one of the best places to live for millennials. As more people flee big cities, the draw of Boise only increases. It offers enough big city amenities, but has kept some of its small town vibe. Add the fact that it is nestled in one of the country’s most beautiful natural setting, and it is easy to see Boise growth continuing.

Storage Unit Demand Is High

Richland, Washington is experiencing growing demand for storage. Demand drivers include:

  • Population growth means new home construction. People need storage while they wait for occupancy, as a place for their things in between moves, and as extra
  • As the state capitol, the city experiences a certain amount of dynamism as people are elected and come to town and then leave at the end of their terms. It is home to short-term residents who need storage.
  • The presence of universities is a sure driver of storage unit demand as students need space over the summer. Boise State is a major
  • Major companies, like Boise Cascade LLC, Albertsons, J.R. Simplot Company, and a variety of manufacturing and distribution companies are a population draw and encourage entrepreneurs in ancillary businesses. These companies often need storage for expansion, equipment, and inventory.
  • Tech companies from Hewlett Packard to Sybase and Microsoft, similarly call Boise home and drive business
  • Recreation on the Boise River and nearby world class skiing drive demand for sports and recreation equipment and vehicle

Storage Units in Boise, ID

Storage units are in high demand in Boise and surrounding areas. Yelp, at the time of writing this article, lists 80 storage unit facilities. The major national and regional chains are all represented here, as are several local operators.

Climate controlled units are in high demand. Boise is in the foothills of the Rockies and has a semi-arid environment. It experiences temperature extremes that can hit 100 degrees in summer and sink to -18 degrees in the winter.

The quality and amenities of various storage unit locations can vary tremendously. Be sure to consider the physical structures, security, maintenance and extras. You may find certain amenities to be must- haves—and not all facilities offer what you might need.

Luxelocker Offers Exceptional Amenities

Renting or owning storage space in a facility that offers extras doesn’t only make financial sense; it can protect your belonging and add to the convenience of using the facility. Luxelocker is one of the leaders among top tier facilities. Among the benefits their property offers are:

  • Security with gated 24/7 access, security cameras, and LED lighting on the exterior of all facilities
  • Fire safety ensured by fire sprinkler systems for all units
  • Easy access with wide aisles a minimum of 60’ in width
  • Enhanced on-site with restrooms and shower facilities, WIFI, dumpsters, wash stations, common water and hose bibs, and a sewer dump station
  • Attractive landscaping, regular maintenance, and frequent cleaning
  • Well lighted, high ceiling individual units, fitted with electrical outlets and insulated doors