Storage units in Spanish Springs, Nevada

Spanish Springs, Nevada gets five stars in the Best Places to Live ratings. It has a rural feel, but is close to the action in nearby Reno. The town in in close proximity to world-class ski resorts around Lake Tahoe and outdoor recreation opportunities abound.

The temperate climate that rarely climbs into the 90s in the summer and doesn’t quite freeze in the winter makes it a destination for snowbirds. It is a town on the grow with its population growing 11.6% since 2010. Homes range in size between 600 and 5,399 square feet.

Driving demand for storage unit space

Demand is high for storage units in Spanish Springs, Nevada. It isn’t hard to understand why, given the top reasons people use storage units:

  • Spanish Springs attracts part time retiree residents drawn to the weather, recreational options, and beauty of the area.The proximity to Reno and I-80 makes the town easily accessible. When the snowbird residents go back to their home states in the summer, they often need space to store vehicles, recreational equipment, and other belongings until next season.
  • While no universities are located in the town proper, the University of Nevada Reno and an outpost of the University of California Berkeley do bring student storage unit renters to the area, needing a place to store things during the summer break.
  • The Reno area is home to a number of Army, Navy, and Air Fore Bases. Military family move frequently and are set off to temporary duty stations. The often need to store belongings as a result.
  • The fast growing town is experiencing a building boom. People sometimes need to store belongings while they wait for their new home to be built or during gaps between selling a home and moving into a new one.
  • The town economy supports entrepreneurs and growing businesses that need storage space to warehouse goods and store equipment used in operations.
  • With so much in the way of outdoor recreation in Spanish Springs, many sports and adventure enthusiasts need a place to store recreational vehicles, boats, and sports equipment.

Storage unit options in Henderson, Nevada

Spanish Springs is home to some 90 storage unit facilities, according to Yelp at the time of writing this article. They offer climate controlled units, which are in demand given the dry desert climate of Nevada. We cover the considerations in choosing climate controlled storage units here.Many facilities also offer space to store cars, campers, four by fours, motorcycles, and boats in addition to offering standard sized units.

Many of the leading national storage unit brands offer facilities in and around Spanish Springs.Locally owned and operated single site properties also operate in the area.

Not all storage facilities are comparable. Quality of the physical structures, maintenance, security, and amenities can vary greatly property to property and company to company.

Your best option for exceptional amenities

Renting or owning storage space in a facility that offers extras doesn’t only make financial sense; it can protect your belonging and add to the convenience of using the facility. Luxelocker is one of the leaders among top tier facilities. Among the benefits their property offers are:

  • Security with gated 24/7 access, security cameras, and LED lighting on the exterior of all facilities
  • Fire safety ensured by fire sprinkler systems for all units
  • Easy access with wide aisles a minimum of 60’ in width
  • Enhanced on-site with restrooms and shower facilities, WIFI, dumpsters, wash stations, common water and hose bibs, and a sewer dump station
  • Attractive landscaping, regular maintenance, and frequent cleaning
  • Well lighted, high ceiling individual units, fitted with electrical outlets and insulated doors