Storage units in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is a safe and attractive suburb of Las Vegas in the southeast corner of Nevada. Unlike the city, Henderson is home to more residents than tourists. It has become a residential destination for Californians and others attracted to a lower cost of living, low crime, and pleasant weather.

Since 2000, its population has grown an astounding 72.5%. The cost of living is under the national average. The dry climate is helpful to people with allergies and breathing problems. The city gets under 5 inches of rain a year. Summers are sweltering and winters can bring overnight freezing temperatures, but for most of the year, daytime weather is exceptionally pleasant.

Driving demand for storage unit space

Storage units in Henderson, Nevada are in high demand. In considering the top reasons people use storage units, it is not hard to understand why:

  • Henderson attracts snowbirds, retiree residents who live elsewhere and come to Henderson during cold months to enjoy the balmy weather, golf courses, and the natural beauty of the area. When they return to their home states, they often need to store vehicles, recreational equipment, and other belongings until next season.
  • Henderson is home to Nevada State College. College students often need to store their belongings over the summer break after they clear out of dorms and off-campus housing.
  • Nearby Nellis Air Force Base and the smaller Creech Air Force Base mean Henderson is home to a sizeable population of military families. Because they move so often, often to temporary duty stations, military families are big users of storage space.
  • The town is growing fast—adding an average of 6,000 residents a month. People waiting for home construction to finish or needing a place to stash belongings between residences is a big demand driver. The average home size is 1,835 within city limits.
  • The favorable business climate in the town supports a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who use storage space to warehouse goods and store equipment used in operations.
  • Located near many outdoor attractions, Henderson is home to many sports and adventure enthusiasts who need to store recreational vehicles, boats, and sports equipment.

Storage unit options in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is home to over 170 storage unit facilities, according to Yelp at the time of writing this article. Many of them offer climate controlled units, which is very much a need-to-have than a nice-to-have in the dry desert climate of Nevada. We cover the considerations in choosing climate controlled storage units here. Besides the usual ten by ten units, many facilities also offer space to store cars, campers, four by fours, motorcycles, and boats.

You will find many of the leading national storage unit brands in and around Henderson. Additionally, a number of small, local, one-site companies have opened facilities in the area.

Not all storage facilities are comparable. Quality of the physical structures, maintenance, security, and amenities can vary greatly property to property and company to company.

Your best option for exceptional amenities

Renting or owning storage space in a facility that offers extras doesn’t only make financial sense; it can protect your belonging and add to the convenience of using the facility. Luxelocker is one of the leaders among top tier facilities. Among the benefits their property offers are:

  • Security with gated 24/7 access, security cameras, and LED lighting on the exterior of all facilities
  • Fire safety ensured by fire sprinkler systems for all units
  • Easy access with wide aisles a minimum of 60’ in width
  • Enhanced on-site with restrooms and shower facilities, WIFI, dumpsters, wash stations, common water and hose bibs, and a sewer dump station
  • Attractive landscaping, regular maintenance, and frequent cleaning
  • Well lighted, high ceiling individual units, fitted with electrical outlets and insulated doors