Top 7 Reasons People Use Storage Units

The reason people use storage units are as varied as they are. One thing is for sure, demand is booming. New ones opening up on a regular basis. Maybe you are wondering why people use self-storage. Could they really have that much stuff they need to keep?

#1: Moving Often Means Putting Things in Self-Storage Units

The vast majority of people needed storage because of a move—close to half of people who use self-storage do so because they are dealing with a move-related issue.

Some are downsizing and moving into a smaller place. They don’t have time to sort through their belongings or they want to keep some things for friends or family members.

Others want to stage their home, removing clutter and odd pieces to make it look bigger and more stylish. Some people don’t time moving right. They have to leave one home before they have another.

Others may need to travel for business or temporarily move far away. In all these cases, a storage unit can ease stress and help with managing the logistics of a move.

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#2: More Space and Removing Clutter

The second most popular reason people use storage lockers is because they don’t have room in their homes for all of their belongings. They want to keep things, but not have it cluttering limited space. Close to a fifth of self-storage customers are looking for long-term extra space. People use the extra space to store seasonal furniture or decorations, record collections, and heirlooms.

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#3: Storing Vehicles

Self-storage isn’t just for boxes and furniture. People use self-storage for car collections, RVs, motorcycles, boats, and ATVs. They may not have room in the garage and some home owner associations prohibit parking certain kinds of vehicles in driveways. Self-storage facilities offer outdoor parking, indoor garages, and even large climate-controlled storage units for vehicles.

#4: Keeping Things Out of the Way During Renovations

If you are ripping into dry wall and tearing out roofs, you can’t leave your things around. Not only are they in the way, they can be damaged in the dirt and disarray of a renovation. With so many strangers coming in and out of a home during a rehab, valuables can be lost or stolen. A self-storage unit is a great way to protect things until the project is complete.

#5: Storing Belongings of a Loved One

After someone dies, it isn’t always easy to sort through their things. It takes time and sometimes legal processes before things can be divided among family and friends, valuables sold off, or unwanted items donated to charity. In some cases, emotions making taking on this task painful.

Family infighting can make it impossible to disperse items right away. At the same time, it is often necessary to sell the house or condo, so removing belongings out quickly is a necessity. Using a storage unit allows time for an estate to settle and emotions to subside.

#6: College Students Need to Stash Belongings over the Summer

The expense of moving items from school to home and back again often isn’t worth it. Self-storage units in college towns often fill during the summer months when students head home in June.

#7: Businesses Managing Inventory and Other Logistics

Businesses find renting self-storage units to be an affordable alternative to warehousing. They can manage and organize inventory the way they see fit, without having to deal with warehouse infrastructure and regulations. Storage units are also a great place to store equipment. Lastly, like individuals, businesses often need to move, store vehicles, and store things during renovations. Using a storage unit offers flexibility in these cases.

From good business sense to emotional sentimentality and everything in between, the reasons people use storage units are varied. Whatever the reason, demand continues to grow. Sometimes people just need their space.

4 thoughts on “Top 7 Reasons People Use Storage Units”

  1. Charlotte Fleet

    I like how you mentioned that self-storage units are great for college students who are moving home for the summer months and need a place to keep their things. My brother is coming home from college at the end of May and he has a lot of things that won’t fit in our house. I will be sure to suggest that he invests in a self-storage unit to keep his things while he is home for the summer.

  2. Angela Waterford

    Thanks for the information on the op reasons why people use storage units. I am currently in the process of renovating my house so I agree with what you said that having a lot of things in the house during renovations will keep them in the way of the work that needs to be done. I have a lot of furniture that needs to be stowed away to make the construction faster, so I’m going to research self-storage facilities nearby that can accommodate all my stuff.

  3. Thanks for letting me know that there are self-storage options for RVs. We don’t have enough space in our driveway for it and our garage is in the process of getting renovated. I think it would be better to rent a unit for our vehicle first to ensure its security rather than leaving it out there in the open.

  4. Dean Phillips

    My father and I were having a conversation on boat storage units last Monday over dinner. This comes after he told me he was going on a vacation and wanted to store this boat of his that wasn’t in use. I offered my help to look into this and fortunately for him, I stumbled on your brilliant post here. I am most impressed with where you elaborated on how some may not have room in the garage and some home owner associations prohibit parking certain kinds of vehicles in driveways. This is an excellent point you make, where I’m sure those like my father can definitely agree with. I’ll make sure he gets his hands on this, thanks!

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